• I love this practice, they are always so friendly and they do amazing work. I will not go anywhere else for my dentistry! I recommend them to all my friends and family!

    Cheyne Taber
  • Dr. Ueckert is the best!! His staff is most definitely the best!! Every visit (of many) I have made to his office has been beyond satisfactory. One weekend visit was necessary because I broke a tooth (front and center of my mouth) and totally dislodged the crown on it. Dr. Ueckert interrupted his weekend (as did his office manager, Ana) to meet me at his office so he could do something temporary until he could permanently repair it and so I could be seen in public on Monday. Everyone in his office is very pleasant and very professional. I cannot recommend Dr. Ueckert enough!

    Donna Rasco
  • I broke one of my crown’s and I was very pleased that Dr. Ueckert’s office was able to get me in right away and put a temporary crown on until my new crown came in. They also made room for me in their busy schedule to put the new crown in before I head out of town so that I didn’t have to travel with a temporary crown in. It was a team effort to make it all happen and I really appreciated that.

    Cindy Pfeifer
  • Thanks to the skillful Dr. Ueckert and the friendly and knowledgeable staff I have been returning for the last 10 plus years. I really appreciate the collaboration concerning treatment options. I have the best hygienist to help reduce my stress level and keep me positive for self-care between visits.

    Richard Robinson
  • Everyone was so friendly and great! I was in so much pain with my jaw and I felt so relieved to have everyone help me out and be so sympathetic towards my situation

    Erin Sillesky

Patient Experience

We provide the experience you’ve always wanted in a dental office: a place where your goals and input are valued and no pressure is ever applied to do anything until you are ready. A place where we realize that you are our boss and your time is respected. We will spend time to get to know you, learn your dental history, and let you tell us how we can help you.

On your first appointment as a new patient our goal is to show you what we see and tell you what we think so you can make an informed decision about your dental health care needs or desires. After collecting the necessary records to achieve this goal (like x-rays, health history, dental history and photographs), as well as cleaning your teeth, we will have a discussion with you about the findings. By the time this appointment is over you will feel confident in knowing that you have been listened to and a plan has been created to meet your needs and desires.



Dentistry as we know it focuses superficially on improving the appearance of teeth and to treat dental problems. In reality, dentistry is not all about just teeth.



General Dentistry refers to the specialty dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the oral cavity and the maxillofacial region.



Sports dentistry is concerned with the procedures, treatments, medications and prevention techniques regarding athletes and sportsmen.



The dynamic relationship between the teeth, the muscles and the jaws is an intricate one.

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Dr. Ueckert Dentistry

Austin is a wonderful place and I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve this city. In Austin, we have many exciting places as well as wonderful people. It is my mission to help anyone that needs dentistry, be it functional or cosmetic.

Dental procedures need to be detailed and perfected, this is something I pride myself on. Knowledge and experience is a key factor, especially when dealing with surgical procedures. A dentist’s focus should be helping the patient achieve their personal look and feel while alleviating pain in the process.

As an Austin Dentist. I provide a wide range of services and procedures. We invite you to browse our website to get a better feel for our dental processes. Dental care is best achieved with mutual support, trust and communication between patient, doctor and staff. We will enjoy creating and celebrate with you a beautiful smile with improved quality of life.

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