Types of Dental Floss

There are many different types of dental floss :

Find what is right for you.

Dental Floss

Crest® Glide® Deep Clean Dental Floss Broader Fiber delivers up to 90% more micro-textured surface area than Glide Original Dental Floss
Coolant creates a cooling sensation that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean
Slides easily between teeth
Designed to reduce “snapping” into gum line
Extra soft and comfortable on fingers and gums
Wide construction makes it easy to grip


Crest® Glide® Original Slides easily between teeth and resists shredding
Helps prevent gingivitis, for healthy teeth and gums


Crest® Glide® Threader dental Floss One-piece of GLIDE Floss with convenient built-in threader tip
Effectively removes plaque and food particles
Slides easily between teeth and resists shredding


Oral-B® SATIN dental floss® Exceptional shred-resistance and strength from unique individual filament design
Satin-like finish
Burst of mint flavor


Oral-B® UltraFloss® Patented interlocking network of spongy nylon fibers actually change shape to help remove plaque
Premeasured 18″ lengths
Natural, fresh mint flavor


Oral-B® SuperFloss® Easy insertion with stiff end threader
Soft filament brush
Mint SuperFloss encourages compliance


Oral-B® Stages Kids’ Dental Floss Contoured handles make it easy to grip and maneuver between teeth
Popular Disney characters and designs encourage compliance
Individually wrapped for easy dispensing

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