Patient: Eva P

Dentist: Dr. Gregg Ueckert DDS


Implant Denture Treatment



Eva endured a long journey and many restoration treatments in her search for dental health. By the time she arrived at Dr. Ueckert’s office, she had undergone many dental procedures to repair a variety of issues with her natural teeth. In the process, she received several root canals, had tooth posts installed, old style metal crowns and a removable partial denture. Her natural teeth had literary been modified and repaired to the point that there was nothing more that would save them.

Implant Denture – Before Treatment

For Eva, the need for peace of mind was paramount. She experienced dental issues at inopportune times and the fear of a tooth fracturing became consumed her thoughts. Not knowing if you will make it through a meal, much less a holiday celebration or family vacation, can ruin some of life’s greatest experiences. Ultimately, it was her uncomfortable and unsightly removal partial upper denture that finally motivated Eva to consult Dr. Ueckert about restoring her oral health and confidence.

All-on-Four – Before Treatment Without Denture

All-On-Four – Dentures Before Occlusal


After thorough examination, Dr. Ueckert identified issues with Eva’s orthopedic bite position that increased the likelihood of tooth fracture and denture failure. Together, they decide Eva would benefit greatly from the All-on-Four Dental Implant technique, as well as treatment to optimize her bite position. Eva was referred for tooth extraction, and because of her strong bone structure was able to have implants placed without grafting or ridge preservation. She was fitted with a fully functional acrylic healing bridge, which allowed her oral tissues to recover. Normal healing duration will last anywhere between three to four months.

All-on-Four – Before Treatment Without Denture

All-on-Four – Before Treatment with Denture

During the healing period, exact specifications were determined for a final porcelain prosthesis and adjustments were made to correct her bite position. Eva’s metal mandibular crowns were replaced with new porcelain crowns to facilitate a proper orthopedic bite position. Once Dr. Ueckert was certain Eva had correct alignment, the final porcelain implant supported bridge was installed.

All-on-Four – Temporary Healing Bridge

All-on-Four – Final Restoration


Eva experienced a total bite rehabilitation. Her new restorations provided stability, confidence and peace of mind. Now she has teeth that look good, feel natural and will last for many years to come.

Implant Denture – After Treatment

Implant Denture – After Treatment

Implant Denture – After Treatment